Completed Assignments Completed Assignments Gospel Concert 185655786 Stage mixmaster Rommell 185655785 Gospel Concert 185655787 BAYER Product Launch Barbados Hilton Systems in the main hall & break out room 185655788 BAYER Product Launch 185655796 Cavident Annual Dental Conference Savannah Hotel 185655789 Cavident Annual Dental Conference 185655790 Women's Conference Erskin Sandiford Center 185655791 Women's Conference 185655792 Incredible Praise Concert Sanctuary Empowerment Center 185655793 Incredible Praise Concert 185655794 Incredible Praise Concert 185655795 Incredible Praise Concert 185655797 St. Michael School African Day Concert 185657626 St. Michael School 185657627 St. Michael School 185657628 Joyful Voices Concert 185657629 Joyful Voices Concert 186630096 Joyful Voices Concert 186630097 Joyful Voices Concert 186630098 Joyful Voices Concert 186630099 Joyful Voices Concert 186630100 186630101 System For Large Out Door Events 186630180 Sanctuary Empowerment Centre Designed and installed all infra structure for sound system. Recommended and installed all system components. The Ultimate Concert venue. 202084543 Mackie PA System System for meeting rooms of capacity up to 300 persons Can be used by DJ for indoor parties such as weddings, birthday parties, dinners and award ceremonies. 202084544 Popular System Configurations 202084545 Axiom Sound Brochure 202084546 PA System info 202084549 Wedding Ceramony at Codrington College Wedding spanned two venues. Set up included live band at both locations and DJ. 202084547 DJ "Diamond D" Our play list span many eras and genres From Nina Simone of the 50's to Rihanna today 202084548 202084550 202084551 Axiom Legacy Retirement function for the Grayden Sealy's out going principle Mr. Mathew Farley 202084553